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Soften Studio is a merging of Melody’s life-time of experience, exploration and adoration of fashion, design and visual communication. This is tenderly presented from her personal and curated perspective. After relocating from Brisbane to Adelaide in 2020, with her husband Chris, Soften Studio began to take shape through a very natural progression. Inspired by their fresh start, and exploration of their new Southerly state. Melody began creating cherished items for around their new home and clothing to match the new-found cooler climate.

Melody’s fascination for intricate details, age-old sewing techniques, and beautifully weaved fabrics began to translate into her work; and together with her husband Chris, they began to document Melody’s meticulous work through a Youtube Channel. Slowly this has grown and Melody is now able to share her work and patterns through the Soften Studio platform. Melody believes clothing should be comfortable, beautiful and useful in everyday life. She achieves this with versatile silhouettes, distinctive decorative details, and beautiful fabrics that are thoughtfully chosen and used in a sustainable, slow-practice. Always.

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